Red Gate generates and identifies your key target audiences, creating channels to engage with them. The company provides various outlets to market your ideas, services or products such as print media, video, live media, social media and events as well as digital.
• Target audience analysis
• Branding strategy
• Campaign planning
• Campaign production
• Campaign execution

• 目标受众分析
• 品牌战略
• 活动规划
• 活动生产
• 活动执行

Red Gate Selected Experience


Roche Diagnostics:
Asia Pacific Regional Meeting

Red Gate was responsible for remotely creating all digital content to be downloaded over a 5-day seminar in Singapore. This included; PowerPoint deck, 45-second 3D animation intro video, and a 3-minute 3D animated film with 3 speaking characters. Due to the large audience present and the size of the space used, the PPT deck and intro video required abnormal dimensions, and had to be created with special care. The 3-minute animated film was created 100% by Red Gate. Everything from the script, storyboard, animations and voice actor was produced by Red Gate. 上海赤萌市场营销策划有限公司负责远程创建在新加坡举行的为期5天的研讨会上下载的所有电子内容。其中包括:PowerPoint幻灯片,介绍视频中的45秒3D动画,以及一部3分钟的3D动画电影,其中有3个发言人角色。由于要面向大量的观众介绍和使用的容量大小限制,PPT版本和介绍视频要求不是普通的尺寸,必须特别小心地创建。这部3分钟的动画片100%由上海赤萌市场营销策划有限公司制作。从脚本,故事板,动画和配音演员的一切都是由上海赤萌市场营销策划有限公司制作。

B+H Architects:
20-Year Anniversary Pavilion
Opening Ceremony

B+H architects sought the aid of Red Gate to arrange their public relations and government relations campaign for the company’s 20-year anniversary in China celebration. Red Gate worked to achieve the successful donation by the Shanghai Government of a piece of land to serve as the location for a pavilion that was designed, built and donated by B+H as a gift to Shanghai. Red Gate also worked to achieve print and media coverage and attendance by VIP attendees including representatives from the Canadian and Chinese government. B+H寻求上海赤萌市场营销策划有限公司的协助,为公司在中国成立20周年的庆典寻求与上海政府联系与政府交流搭桥。在赤萌的努力沟通下使上海政府成功捐赠一块土地,由B+H设计建造“蝶栖亭”并捐赠给上海大宁灵石公园,作为反馈予上海的礼物。上海赤萌市场营销策划有限公司还将此次活动印刷成册并进行媒体报道,获得包括加拿大和中国政府代表在内的贵宾与会者的认可。

GPD (General de Producciones
y Diseño) S.A.: Saudi Pavilion
Marketing and PR Campaig
SA: 沙特展馆营销和公关

Red Gate conducted a China-wide marketing and PR campaign to give exposure to GPD’s award winning designs for the Saudi Arabian Pavilion at Expo 2010. Red Gate worked to place information and pictures on the company’s designs in architectural design magazines in China, as well as websites, resulting in three shortlistings for international design competitions in China and the awarding of a major project. Red Gate is now GPD’s exclusive marketing company in China. 上海赤萌市场营销策划有限公司在2010年上海世博会上开展了一次在中国范围的营销和公关活动,以展示GPD为沙特阿拉伯馆设计的获奖作品。上海赤萌市场营销策划有限公司致力于在中国的建筑设计杂志和网站上发布有关该公司设计的信息和图片,结果获得了三份在中国举行的国际设计竞赛的入围名单,并授予了一个重大项目。上海赤萌市场营销策划有限公司现在是GPD在中国的独家营销公司。
Savor Canada (2012,2016) 品味加拿大(2012, 2016) Red Gate worked with Agriculture and Agri-foods Canada (AAFC) and the Canadian Consulate in Shanghai to secure the attendance of, and coverage from over 40 print and television media for two major promotions of Canadian food products in China. Red Gate also filmed the events and created promotional videos for the AAFC and Canadian Consulate in Shanghai. 上海赤萌市场营销策划有限公司与加拿大农业和农业食品部(AAFC)以及加拿大驻上海领事馆合作,邀请40多家传统和电视媒体参与并报道加拿大食品在中国的两大宣传活动。上海赤萌市场营销策划有限公司还拍摄了这些活动,并为AAFC和加拿大驻上海领事馆制作了宣传视频。

B+H 25th Anniversary in China B+H中国成立25周年

To mark the 25th Anniversary of B+H’s entry into China, Red Gate worked with the company’s global marketing team to design and roll out an integrated worldwide campaign celebrating the accomplishments of the company in China. 为了庆祝B+H进入中国25周年,上海赤萌市场营销策划有限公司与B+H的全球营销团队合作,设计并推出了一场综合性的全球活动,以庆祝B+H在中国取得的成就。

Nike and China:
Together in the Game
– A Partnership for All Time

Red Gate undertook the creation of an approximately 200 page book (inclusive of visual information) for Nike China that charted the company’s 30 years of vision, innovation and uncompromising belief in the power of sports to change the lives of the Chinese people. This book is a manuscript with supporting pulled assets, not including graphic designs, images and printing. 上海赤萌市场营销策划有限公司为耐克中国公司编写了一本约200页的书(包括视觉图片传达),描绘了耐克中国30年来的愿景、创新精神和对体育改变中国人民生活力量的坚定信念。这本书是一个手稿与文化资产,不包括图形设计,图像和印刷。
Telefilm Canada:
Shanghai International Film Festival
Red Gate, in coordination with the Canadian Embassy, researched, contacted and secured meetings for Telefilm Canada’s delegation of executives with toplevel decision makers in the Chinese film and television industries (including national TV networks, film studios, production houses, SARFT, China Film Group etc.) in both Shanghai and Beijing. Red Gate also organized and secured media coverage for both the “Focus Canada” and “For the Love of God” press conferences with more than 20 representatives of the press in attendance at the Shanghai International Film Festival. “For the Love of God” went on to win the Jury Grand Prize at the festival. Red Gate also arranged interviews between stars of the film and the press. 上海赤萌市场营销策划有限公司与加拿大大使馆协调,在上海和北京与与中国电影和电视行业(包括国家电视网、电影制片厂、制片公司、广电总局、中国电影集团等)高层决策者的会见,研究、联系并确保与加拿大联邦影视局高管的电话会议顺利进行。 上海赤萌市场营销策划有限公司还在上海国际电影节上为“聚焦加拿大”和“为上帝之爱”举办了新闻发布会,20多名媒体代表参加了新闻发布会。“为了上帝之爱”在电影节上赢得了评委会大奖。赤萌还安排了媒体采访电影明星。

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